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Versa at Civita and Other San Diego Properties Ends Year with Strong Turnout to Resident Services

SAN DIEGO, CA - The new year brings a fresh start for many of us as we set goals, aspirations, and resolutions that we hope to accomplish within the year. For our PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators, last year is a strong launching point for expanding and building upon the impact they make for their communities in 2023. Jelena Predojevic, the San Diego PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator for multiple properties, ended last year supplying her residents with personalized services. Amongst the many community-tailored services provided by Jelena, the most attended services include afterschool mentoring for children, one on one computer literacy training for adults and seniors, senior companionship and resident health check-ins, and additional food security assistance.

Versa at Civita, a highly-active San Diego senior community, is always staying involved and active with the services offered by Jelena and PSCDC. In December, Versa at Civita provided a wide array of services, some of which were aided by local non-profit organizations. The most appreciated resident service is Jelena's weekly check-in which she contacts each senior residents via email, telephone call, or appointment to see how they are doing. Many residents use this opportunity to share with her their everyday life, struggles, and most recently, holiday plans. Residents are further encouraged to socialize through community events such as the Winter Celebration Potluck hosted by PSCDC. As of the past three months, Jelena has expanded invitations to other senior PSCDC communities. Having these intercommunal gatherings have seen an increase of interest to PSCDC hosted services and pen pals forming.

Community partners we have formed across the years continue to provide our residents with much sought-after information and resources all throughout the year. In December, CaptionCall conducted a presentation in Versa at Civita's community room to inform hard-of-hearing seniors of an opportunity to set up a free phone with captions. San Diego PACE helped Jelena set up the Winter Celebration Potluck and provided residents with information on health options and resources. Allgire Foundation brough some holiday cheer to senior by providing seven boxes filled with goodie bags that was distributed to 160 households. San Diego Food Bank, Panera Bread, and other generous food distributors provided food boxes to all our San Diego properties, especially during the holidays. In addition, MyPoint Credit Union and Mechanics Bank provided a series of virtual financial education workshops throughout the year to all our properties in California. Our coordination with community leaders and partners plays a vital role in the impact that we make in our communities.

San Diego family properties were also active during December, as many parents and children were interested in their community's Marine Toys for Tots toy drive program. Households were given an opportunity to sign up to receive a toy for each child starting in the beginning of November. By late November and early December, San Diego PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators across the region picked up and distributed toys by inviting children to pick out their choice of toy in the community room. With school closed for the holiday, many Resident Services Coordinators continued their afterschool programs with a holiday theme. Saint Regis Park, Ouchi Courtyard, and other family properties had festive arts and crafts projects such as making holiday decorations, cards, and ugly Christmas sweaters while reading Christmas stories, writing about what they were holiday break, and working on holiday-themed worksheets. Adult and senior residents also attended computer literacy sessions, which taught residents how to create an email and use Google Drive.

With the start of 2023, PSCDC is committed to bringing even more personalized and meaningful services to residents to help them achieve their financial and personal goals. Our community network is what allows us to extend the range of services we offer to our communities, and we are excited for all the new connections, partnerships, and collaborations we will accomplish in this new year.


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