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Serving California's Communities and Families for over 25 Years

About Us

We Provide Futures For Families

Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation (PSCDC) is a non-profit company that acts as the managing general partner for low and moderate income apartment properties in California. Our properties are financed by Low Income Housing Tax Credits, State Bonds, Redevelopment Agency and Housing Authority grants, loans, and private donations.


We are the managing general partner of over 70 properties and serve 6,000  individuals every month all throughout California. Along with providing affordable housing, we provide a comprehensive range of services to our residents that are tailored to their needs and circumstances. We work with a large number of service organizations, government services and companies, many of whom donate their services.


Our mission is to develop high quality affordable housing, and to provide educational and community services that support and empower our residents to achieve economic and social stability.

The Growing Need For Affordable Housing In California

According to the analysis conducted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NHLI) on the 2017 California ACS PUMS, California is suffering from a severe shortage of affordable housing with a need for 1,083,466 more affordable houses. 1,387,142 or 23% of renter households are extremely low income. Furthermore, in 2017 most of those that fall into the extremely low income renter households are already in the labor force . PSCDC works to provide homes and futures for low income California residents.   


Data of graphs from via 2017 ACS PUMS





At 50% of AMI


At 80% of AMI

At 100% of AMI

Affordable & Available Homes Per 100 Renter Households

Area Median Income (AMI)

Extremely Low Income (30% of AMI)

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