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Siena Apartments Looking Forward to Launch of New PSCDC Programs

Siena Apartments in San Diego County is excited for new PSCDC programs hosted by their new PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Jelena Predojevic. As a veteran Resident Services Coordinator and someone passionate about her residents and communities, Jelena has already began introducing herself to the senior community in Siena Apartments and has been given a warm welcome.

A newly constructed community in the heart of Mission Valley, Siena Apartments had their online grand opening in March of this year, with Jelena beginning her PSCDC onsite services in June. Jelena immediately got to work in spreading the news of free residential services to residents within the community.

"I passed out the June [residential services] calendars door-to-door, posting them to each of the laundry rooms, both elevators, and on the computer room door," said Jelena. She also posted her introduction letter and her contact information.

One of the first programs to be implemented by Jelena was the Social Hour where seniors are invited to spend time and socialize with Jelena and one another. In the initial sessions, Jelena met five residents who were all very excited to have a chance to socialize and suggested ideas on programs they would like to participate in.

In July, Jelena hosted three different events. The first was a Game Day Social, where a representative from our community partners from Humana gave a presentation to attending residents, followed by Bingo and food. This event turned out to be a massive success, despite being the first big event for Siena residents. A Medicare presentation with the topic of creating a retirement plan for grandchildren was also planned and delivered with a representative from Prospect Medical speaking to the residents. The last event is a Summer Door-to-Door Giveaway planned for next week where residents will receive small gifts and goodie bags at the door of their own apartment.

Jelena is excited to build off this month's services and plans to include more value and quality resources for the residents Siena Apartments. Residents are also excited to be more involved with Jelena and PSCDC hosted activities!


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