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Calexico Senior Residents Begin Spring with Resources and References From Local PSCDC Health and Wellness Partners at Health Fair

CALEXICO, CA - The morning sun cast a warm glow over De Anza Senior Apartments as PSCDC residents eagerly gathered for the highly anticipated Spring Health Fair on February 21st. The health event, dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease, introduced a wealth of information and activities aimed at promoting holistic well-being.

At the heart of the fair was an educational presentation by Cardiologist Sonia Ponce from the Community Cardiology Clinic. Dr. Ponce shared her wealth of knowledge and insights of heart health to help residents develop strategies for disease prevention.

Alongside Dr. Ponce, a multitude of Imperial Valley's health agencies and senior-focused organizations attended the health fair to introduce themselves to PSCDC communities and offer their support and expertise. This year's spring fair offered a comprehensive array of services to residents and covering various aspects of health and wellness.

Our community partners that attended the health fair were:

Amidst the educational presentations and informational booths, residents enjoyed refreshments of coffee and Mexican bread, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Activities and raffles added an element of fun and excitement, with prizes ranging from wellness baskets to free consultations.

The highlight of the fair activities was the opportunity for seniors to unleash their creativity with local artist, Eduardo Kintero. As a grant recipient, Eduardo had brought all the necessary supplies for residents to paint together and connect with each other. Guided by Eduardo's expertise and enthusiasm, the seniors replicated an iconic water tank scene from Calexico, infusing their paintings with their unique perspectives and experiences.

By the end of the day, a total of 55 residents had attended the event, each leaving with a greater understanding of heart health and a renewed sense of connection to their community. As they departed, hearts and minds enriched, the spirit of collaboration and empowerment lingered in the air, a testament to the power of coming together in the pursuit of health and happiness.

Hotel De Anza is not the only PSCDC senior property that will host a Spring Health Fair! Other Imperial properties have their own health fair already scheduled:

  • Brawley Seniors — March 5

  • Villa de las Flores — March 19

  • Imperial Gardens April 4

  • Holtville Gardens — April 17

For more information on the upcoming health fairs, contact your PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator.


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