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Receive No-Cost Home Upgrades Thanks to SDG&E's Energy Savings Assistance Program

Right now, due to COVID-19, many San Diegans are having a difficult time. SDG&E offers programs that can help those in need of assistance. Whether you rent or own, you could be eligible to receive no-cost energy-efficient home improvements that can make your home more comfortable and save you money now and for the years to come. With SDG&E's Energy Savings Assistance program, you may be eligible to receive low- or no-cost products and installation courtesy of their authorized contractor, Synergy.

To see if you qualify, just reach out to SDG&E's authorized contractor, Synergy, at 888-272-8394 or Synergy can also help you enroll in the program, contact-free, if you qualify. Once it's safe, the contractor will come to your house and may provide at no-cost:

• Attic insulation

• New, energy-efficient lighting

• Repair or replacement of doors

• Replacement of qualified appliances*

• Insulation, weather stripping and caulking

• Minor home repairs

• Low-flow showerheads

• Water heater blankets

*Existing appliances (refrigerators and washers) must meet age requirements to qualify for replacement. Co-pay may be required for landlords who own appliances and pay tenant utility bill.

To learn how you can take advantage of the Energy Savings Assistance program, click here.


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