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Lakeside Apartments Hosts Annual Spring Easter Egg Hunt

SAN LEANDRO, CA - During the month of April, the Lakeside community has been diligently working to prepare for the community's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Haydee Pelayo Nuño, Lakeside Apartment's PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, together with Lakeside resident volunteers and various community partners, worked together to provide the materials, food, and goodies necessary to make the highly-anticipated event possible.

Residents have looked forward to the spring-time event in the past few years, and has held a very special place for parents and kids. "The Easter Egg Hunt has been an annual tradition for the community of Lakeside since 2019," revealed Haydee. "It has been a way to celebrate friendship while embracing the beginning of spring."

The beginning of the Easter Egg Hunt started with arts and crafts for families to spend time together. Residents displayed their artistic skills by coloring and dying eggs with one another while Haydee and resident volunteers prepared food and snacks for everyone. Once everyone finished decorating eggs, the activity room was cleand up with everyone's help and everyone helped themselves to the food that was prepared while volunteers began setting up for the egg hunt. There was also a small celebration for a resident's birthday, with a Skittles-themed cake to share!

The egg hunt was separated by age groups and held on the lawn outside of the community room, with the youngest toddlers able to go first! Parents and children were able to enjoy picking up colorful eggs and sharing the hidden candies inside at their own leisure. Once the toddlers were done, the older kids were next and competed with each other to clean out the rest of the eggs. Everyone participating were able to get plenty of eggs to enjoy!

To help make the event sustainable, Haydee and the Lakeside community decided to recycle the plastic eggs for next year when residents volunteered to return the empty plastic eggs. Residents believed that recycling was the best way to continue the tradition of hosting an annual Easter egg hunt while also doing their part in saving the environment.

To end the big event, Haydee raffled off five Easter Egg basketsfilled with candies and toys to lucky residents. The prize baskets were gifts from Lazayah Mortazavi and local community partner, Xfinity Communities, and residents were ecstatic to receive filled baskets of goodies to bring home!

For the Lakeside community, and for Haydee, the best part of the event was seeing the community come together to share smiles and create more lasting memories. "Seeing the smiles and excitement of the young residents as they participated in the arts and crafts, volunteering, and collecting eggs was what I enjoyed the most," said Haydee.

Alongside focusing on the community's after-school program, which focuses on providing school-aged residents with a safe place to receive help and assistance with homework during the school year, Haydee is already planning her next community event for Mother's Day next month which will include an evening dinner for the mothers with a surprise gift from the kids!

Haydee, the Lakeside community, and PSCDC would like to thank our community partners for making this special event possible. Thank you to Xfinity Communities for providing the Easter egg baskets and candy, Costco for donating a gift card that was spent on the food and snacks, and Cake for Kids for providing the birthday cake to celebrate a resident's special day! A big and special thank you goes to the amazing resident volunteers, whose hard work and time made this event fun and possible!


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