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Fairbanks Commons Residents Showcase Determination and Resolve Through Financial Hardships

Jimmy and Serena, tenants at Fairbanks Commons in San Diego, are active residents that take advantage of the resources and opportunities provided by their PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Danette Tenorio. As a household of three, Jimmy and Serena began getting involved and visiting the community room when they were looking for resources and assistance with rent payments, food security, and employment. Their story embodies the determination and willingness to persevere within our residents and how we work to provide them with opportunities.

As a professional chef for over 17 years, Jimmy was able to provide for his family until he was diagnosed with a potentially disabling disease that affected his ability to work and ended his culinary career. Without the stable income, Jimmy and Serena's monthly household income was not enough to make ends meet. With household expenses costing more than what they were bringing in, and a daughter to put through school, Jimmy and Serena realized that their financial situation had to change. When they learned of the opportunities and resources that PSCDC was able to offer to residents, they made sure to take advantage.

Jimmy and Serena knew of the PSCDC hosted services through the flyers posted in the community room and around the community. Both of them improved their financial literacy by attending budgeting classes offered by local San Diego financial organizations such as MyPoint Credit Union where they learned frugal financial strategies to save money. They worked with Danette to also find resources to assist them in paying for their utilities, rent, and gas while also using the community's computer lab to look for employment opportunities.

Now, Jimmy and Serena work together as a team to run a paper route and deliver papers at night within their own neighborhood. Jimmy is also currently working on the daunting process of obtaining Social Security benefits to further supplement their household income in order to continue providing for his family. Despite their many uphill financial battles, the two of them still take the time out of their busy schedules to help volunteer at the Fairbanks Commons Farmer's Market and the Girl Scout activities happening in the community.

"For me, this family is a GOLDEN example of what it means to be true, supportive community members with the grit to humbly persevere at all costs." - Fairbanks Common PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Danette Tenorio.


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