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Chatham Village Apartment Residents Dress Up for Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest

TUSTIN, CA - Fall is always a busy time for Martha Venegas, Orange County's PSCDC Director of Services, as Chatham Village Apartments residents anticipate what's in store for this year's holiday season. Along with the usual PSCDC hosted services that Martha provides for her residents, such as food distributions and resource referrals, she also has made some spooky plans! Returning in October, was the community's costume and pumpkin carving contest that had both kids and parents excited.

The fall-themed contests took place on Thursday, October 28th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM and some participating Chatham Village residents were seen in their Halloween attire. Residents of all ages were encouraged to dress up for the occasion, and kids were encouraged to participate in the costume contest to show off and display their costume's creativity. All attending residents also had a chance to participate in the costume contest by being judges. Judging was conducted by applause and the winner of the contest would be the participant with the loudest ovation. This year's costume contest had two winners who were dressed as hot dogs! Judges commented that the costumes were original and had everyone laughing.

The pumpkin carving contest was also another way for the community to display their artistic vision and skill. Not only did participants have to carve their masterpieces, but they were also required to write down the meaning of their pumpkin decoration. Residents were also the judges for this event, but the method for judging was different than that of the costume contest. Residents received stickers numbered 1 to 3 and were to place their stickers on the three pumpkins they liked the best. Winners of the pumpkin carving contest received the most votes. This year, the residents have shown even more new and creative ways to carve a pumpkin.

Prizes were given out to winners of both events in the form of gift cards provided by Chatham Village Apartments' property manager. Other smaller prizes were also provided by the Boys and Girls Club of Tustin. Overall, the community event was another major success with 59 residents in attendance and allowed residents to have a fun family evening in a safe and healthy environment. Next month, Martha is planning even more fun for her residents with loteria nights, an arts and crafts nights for adults and seniors, and a Thanksgiving breakfast!


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