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Chatham Village Apartment's 'Park in Market' Provides Assistance to Residents

Elderly and disabled residents from Orange County's Chatham Village Apartments are receiving extra assistance with food during the new 'Park in Market' program. The program, which is held on Fridays, is designed specifically for those unable to physically attend the usual food distributions. Although designed for our senior and disabled residents, other families and residents are always taken into consideration, with enough food available to be distributed to everyone.

During the end of July and the beginning of August, the Orange County PSCDC team worked with volunteers to personally interview residents that the program would cater to. Through interviews, the PSCDC team hopes to get a better sense of the assistance our most at-risk population needs and supply them with referrals to local Orange County agencies that can offer them resources. Meals on Wheels Orange County, for example, are providing 10 of our senior residents with three ready-to-eat meals a day. The meals are then delivered to residents' houses during the 'Park in Market' distributions by a team of volunteers. Meals on Wheels Orange County's support helps feed our residents who are unable to cook due to age or disability.

In the beginning of August, 55 families within the Chatham Village community were able to receive food assistance. Donations from Meals on Wheels Orange County, Orange County Food Bank, Family Youth Center, and the City of Tustin have consistently supplied residents food and hope.

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