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What Service Means to Our Imperial Valley Resident Services Coordinators

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations, businesses, and communities worldwide have united to provide relief to those who need it. For those struggling right now, essential services like food and supply distributions, health care, and mental health check-ins provide insurance and hope for the future. Serving our communities is a privilege that our PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators (RSC) hold dearly and value highly. During this worldwide call to help each other, we asked our PSCDC team in Imperial what it means to them to serve as PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators.

At PSCDC, our mission is to provide the resources and services residents in low-income housing need to succeed. Especially during this time where resources are at a commodity, our Resident Services Coordinators are working hard in gathering resources and supplying those who need it. For PSCDC and our Coordinators, our residents are our reason to keep working hard.

"For me, community empowerment has always been an essential aspect of any company or project that I've been apart of," says Ana Cruz, the RSC of Villa Primavera and Heberwood. "I am able to help residents in low-income housing and the community, in general, improve their quality of life. . . . I am lucky to be able to give back to my community and make a difference in someone's life, even if it's just for that day."

Veronica Iribe, the RSC at Westmorland, Brawley Seniors, and Villa Fortuna, loves connecting our communities to the resources they need. "Working with adults and kids has been a gratifying experience for me. Working food bank distributions, Toys for Tots, health fairs, and other events have given me great memories. Even if it gets tiring sometimes, just knowing how many families we helped because of our services makes it all worthwhile."

"Especially at the food banks seeing everyone so happy, even during these times of crisis, so polite and understanding. I wouldn't change it for the world, because being able to help others is what I love to do, and I love knowing I am doing a great job at it," says the RSC of Villa Lara and Las Palmeras, Daniel Lopez.

The residents of Villa Dorada, De Anza, El Quintero, and Calexico Family make their RSC, Pamela Marudeno, feel fulfilled while serving. "For me, it is very gratifying to know that I'm able to help a person. Looking at the children we work with growing and achieving their goals, is something hard to describe. It makes me feel very fulfilled to know that in some way, I contributed to their success."

The RSC of Villa Esperanza and Brawley Family Apartments, Manuel Fernandez, is fueled by his residents' gratitude. "When a total stranger comes and grabs your arm, looks at you, and you know this person is being sincere, and tells you, 'Thank you for everything you are doing,' nobody can put a price on those words. The only thing it does is make you feel good and keep working."

PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators are all family and part of the same team, no matter where they serve. From Sacramento to Imperial, PSCDC staff serve and aid one another. To our Coordinators, serving our communities means working together as a unified team.

Manuel Fernandez emphasizes the atmosphere needed to create a team. "What makes a person work hard? Well, a company that treats its workers with respect and lets them know that they appreciate all they do. Not just for their hard work, but also because they have a genuine love for their employees as human beings. A great company will always stand out for the rest because they pass on their appreciation, rest, and love. I'm proud to work for PSCDC."

Martha Ayala, the RSC of Countryside, believes that PSCDC's ability to serve our residents effectively stems from the sense of a team. "We have team meetings to be more productive and better serve our residents. My coworkers are always willing to help each other, and there is a positivity in the office and property."

'Family' is the word that first comes to mind to Layla Perez, the RSC of Villa de las Flores, Villa de Sol, and Villa Paloma, when she thinks of her PSCDC team. "My coworkers and supervisor are like a family to me during my time with PSCDC. My family lives very far away from me, so I have come to look at PSCDC as a very supportive family. During my first years at PSCDC, I completed my Master's Degree in Human Services from the University of the Rockies, and I would not have been able to accomplish that without the encouragement and flexibility of the people at PSCDC."

Even as the new RSC of Brawley Gardens, Klarissa Buzo feels like she is part of the team. "Since I started as a coordinator for PSCDC, I've learned that it's more work than it looks. By shadowing another coordinator, I learned the proper way of doing things. Helping children with homework, being a translator for someone applying for an apartment, and doing food distributions isn't always easy or smooth. I enjoy that, as a team, we all help each other out."

For the Imperial team and PSCDC Coordinators across California, our residents and individuals in our communities are our reason to serve and provide them with the resources and opportunities for a successful future. To serve also means to support one another and our partners for a brighter future for our communities.

Luz Vallejo, the Director of Services for Imperial and part of the PSCDC staff for eight years, sums up her Coordinators' definition of service the best. "I love my job and being in this position where I can positively help the community. We take pride in all the services that we provide and all the partnerships created along the way. I am part of this company that is empowering people to be their best. I go to sleep happy, knowing that my works betters my community one step at a time."

If you are looking for some resources regarding COVID-19, including assistance with food, finances, childcare, utilities, and much more, click here.

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