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How San Diego Workforce Partnership is Strengthening San Diego's Workforce for Generations to Co

Photo by Bauman Photographers, courtesy of the San Diego Workforce Partnership

As an active combatant against unemployment and rising living expenses in California since 1974, the San Diego Workforce Partnership works to empower job seekers. Through services provided at their network of career centers and community-based organizations, they help job seekers prepare to meet the needs that San Diego County employers are looking for. The Partnership also works with employers to strengthen their workforce through business services and devote themselves in rigorous research to understand the state of our labor market and industry needs. Located in Kearney Mesa, with career centers in every corner of the county, the Partnership loves to see workers make living wages doing work they enjoy. They strive for results and connections that impact both job seekers and the employers they serve.

Photo by Bauman Photographers, courtesy of the San Diego Workforce Partnership

For almost a year, PSCDC and the San Diego Workforce Partnership have been working together to provide job opportunities for San Diego's job seekers. PSCDC has hired and benefited from two job candidates in the areas of data management and digital marketing from the Partnership's TechHire San Diego program, a program that aims to level the playing field for tech jobs nationwide. PSCDC also participates in joint collaboration efforts with the Workforce Partnership, County of San Diego, and other partners in North County in important career development events for job seekers such as the Live Well Internship Workshop. During the workshop, PSCDC presented on how their collaboration with the Workforce Partnership's business partnerships team has helped them to identify new talent and train workers who have a passion to serve their communities while cultivating other relationships within the community. With their devotion in helping job seekers gain the experience and connections to jump start their careers, PSCDC is grateful for the work they do.

Photos by Bauman Photographers, courtesy of the San Diego Workforce Partnership

In July, the Partnership made history by becoming the first workforce development board in the country to implement income share agreements. They were able to send their first cohort of 50 students into the UC San Diego Extension's digital marketing certificate program through their new Workforce ISA Fund. The ISA Fund offers San Diego County residents access to the high-quality UC San Diego Extension certificate programs lasting 9-12 months in fast-growing technology fields with support in career readiness, mentoring and job placement. The fund itself is supported by private philanthropy and invests in students who may otherwise not been able to afford completing a UCSD Extension certificate program. The student does not pay anything upfront! Only when the student lands a job making above $40,000 after she/he graduates, they will "pay it forward." 6-8% of the student's salary will go back into the fund for a set period of time to help the next group of San Diegans pursue their own career goals. The Partnership has created a self-sustaining cycle that would have a major impact on San Diego's families and economy for generations to come!

The San Diego Workforce Partnership shares their research and insights through their many events year-round that are open to the public! These events really highlight the growing need of skilled job seekers and strategies of developing skilled workers for employers. Last Thursday, they hosted their Workforce Frontiers Symposium at the Central Library in downtown San Diego which explored the boundary-busting, outer reaches of workforce development where job quality, equity, outcomes and opportunity drive their support for San Diego County's job seekers, families, businesses, and economy. PSCDC invites you to join us at the Partnership's upcoming events in the future!

  • San Diego County Economic Roundtable - January/February 2020 at the University of San Diego

  • Opportunity Summit - Friday, April 17, 2020 at the Manchester Hyatt

Sign up to their email list and follow their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media pages to learn more about upcoming events!

To get more info about the great work that they do for job seekers and employers, you can visit their website here or contact them at (619) 228-2900.

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