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A Pumpkin Patch Potluck to Remember at the Lakeside Community in San Leandro

It's back to school time, and the clubhouse at the Lakeside housing complex in San Leandro is at full speed, with its staff helping the community's kids make the most of their education by mentoring, providing tutoring, and aiding with homework. And now, there is lots of homework every day!

Although the focus of the programs is their education, there is always room for some fun! After all, all of our young residents deserve to enjoy their childhood. Throughout October, when the Homework Club members were done with their school homework, they decorated the walls and windows of the clubhouse with fall designs such as pumpkins and autumn leaves.

Ms. Haydee Paleyo and Ms. Karina Gols, the clubhouse coordinators, together with volunteers and partners, organized a pumpkin patch potluck this past Friday, the 25th of October. The entire Lakeside community was invited and everyone was encouraged to dress-up in costumes!

"The party was so much fun and the kids had a great time," said Atab Ali, mother of two members of the homework club.

Besides donations from the community, this event also made possible with the invaluable help of our amazing partners:

  • Xfinity, which markets a variety of services, from Internet to consumer cable television, provided us with hotdogs, candy and an outside stand, distributing goodies to children and adults;

  • Costco, a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs, offered us a gift card, used to buy pizzas;

  • PPI Towing, responsible for towing cars on private parking spaces reserved for Lakeside residents only, mounted a stunning photo booth and distributed unlimited sets of four pictures;

  • And Safeway, the giant supermarket chain, gave a gift card used to purchase additional food and beverages.

By the end of the party, each family was given a pumpkin to take home! With all the foods, gifts and candies, we can say it was a very sweet evening.

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