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Unstoppable: Frank Lemos

PSCDC works to not only help and support residents but our own hardworking staff and coordinators as well.

Francisco "Frank" Lemos was an undergrad student before he joined PSCDC. He, like many others, was affected by the recession and decided on returning to school in search for a new career. Although he always wanted to enroll in college, unfortunate life events and circumstances never allowed him a chance. Despite the hardships, he vowed to use his experiences and lessons he learned and turn them into something that can benefit him. Despite his doubts, he took a necessary leap and applied to Mira Costa Community College and eventually transferred to California State University San Marcos. During his time at Cal State San Marcos, he heard about an opportunity to join PSCDC and applied in hopes of gaining new experiences and having an opportunity to apply what he learned throughout the years.

As a Latino in his 30's with minimal experience with social services, Frank found it difficult to find employment in social services. He began to lose hope while working towards a Bachelor's Degree and often doubted his decision to return back to school. His race, sex, age, and education often made him feel excluded.

His struggles to finding an opportunity to display his skills in social services ended when PSCDC reached out to him.

"I vividly recall receiving a phone call from PSCDC for an interview. I was nervous, excited, scared and happy. I had struggled to get an interview anywhere, so this was a special moment for me. If nothing else, this moment allowed me to feel hopeful, and that was a great feeling."

Now with a career to showcase his experiences and knowledge, he was able to find his inspiration and truly find his passion through helping our residents and families.

"The positive impact that PSCDC had on my personal and professional life can never be explained in a few words. PSCDC gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse team, and serve a diverse population. This allowed me to learn about myself, and about others. I learned culture humility, and found purpose and direction in life again."

Ultimately, he was able to move on to fulfill his dream of continuing his college career and became a Master of Social Work Graduate Student at the University of Southern California to continue his passion in social work.

"My time at PSCDC will be linked to my continued ambition of breaking down barriers, changing lives, and closing inequity gap for marginalized groups."

His success and drive have inspired residents as well to pursue higher level education as well.

"Residents are often met with systemic challenges and barriers. But one resident had been able to find hope and optimism, as I once did. After years of being out of school, she decided to apply to Mira Costa College. Although she has not yet graduated, she has been able to continue to her education, and as I know firsthand, those are some of the most important steps to take."

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