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Santa Visits Willow Glen Residents During December in Sacramento

Willow Glen Apartments in Sacramento was visited by a special guest late in December last year, which gave a wonderful surprise for young and old residents alike. Santa once again stopped by the Willow Glen community after not being able to last year due to the COVID outbreak and safety restrictions. The residents certainly loved to see Santa and his team return!

Santa arrived in a flashy parade-like fashion led by police vehicles with their lights flashing, festively decorated vehicles playing Christmas music, and a snow-like bubble machine. Santa's helpers hopped out to pass out candy canes as Santa himself brought up the rear of the parade in a decorated fire engine with its lights flashing. The return of Santa became massive news within the community and about 125 residents came out to take pictures and whisper into Santa's ear what they wanted for Christmas, despite the freezing weather!

Residents waiting in line warmed themselves up by singing Christmas carols and dancing the Macarena and Shuffle with Santa's helpers as they waited patiently for their turn with Santa. On that frigid evening, many experienced a fun and unforgettable Christmas miracle. Santa's visit was a bright ending note to 2021 and a great memory to end the year.

Willow Glen is looking forward to celebrating more events and holidays together in this new year while still following appropriate health and safety measures!


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