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PSCDC Celebrates Pueblo Viejo Villas' Virtual Ground Breaking in Coachella

At the beginning of November, Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation was invited to a virtual groundbreaking with our development partners for the newest project in the City of Coachella's downtown district, Pueblo Viejo Villas. Since 2017, the partnership has been undergoing the necessary preparations for the development of Pueblo Viejo Villas. Since 2017, the partnership has been undergoing the necessary preparations for the development of Pueblo Viejo Villas. According to Coachella's Mayor Pro Tem Emmanuel Martinez, this project is "a lynchpin of development, growth, and amenities." Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez praises the first transit-oriented affordable housing project in Coachella as a perfect representation of downtown Coachella's "Live, Work, and Play" lifestyle.

Pueblo Viejo Villas will provide 105 units for residents earning 30-50% of Coachella's median income and is scheduled to open in mid-2022. The zero net energy development of the project will also include 2,500 square feet of retail space and pedestrian, bicycle, and transportation improvements, including a transit hub and 40 new buses. Pueblo Viejo Villas is also the first development in the City of Coachella and Riverside County to receive funding from the Cap-and-Trade Program to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These essential funds will go directly towards transportation and infrastructure improvements.

Additionally, this project is the first to be sponsored by the Inland Regional Center. The Inland Regional Center, who serves people with disabilities, was granted over $1 million from California's Department of Developmental Services for 10 units to be set aside for individuals with developmental disabilities. Vince Toms from Inland Regional Center believes that those living in the 10 units will have a higher quality of life, not only because of the affordable rent, but also because of the easy access to reliable transportation.

Numerous partnerships were made in order for the project to be realized. Local government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations are delivering the foundations of the project. The City of Coachella is contributing $9.2 million in funding to make the project feasible. The County of Riverside, WNC, and City Community Capital are providing a sizeable portion of the project's funding. In addition, Sunline Transit Agency is undertaking the transportation needs and services of the community. State government grants are also providing a great deal of additional backing to the financing of utilities and improvements to the project. Assembly Member Eduardo Garcia remarked during the virtual ground breaking event that the project has brought together partnerships from state to local agencies and private sectors to revitalize the downtown area of the city and future development of the region.

PSCDC is proud to play the vital role of Resident Service Provider for the residents at Pueblo Viejo Villas. Director of Services of Imperial Valley Luz Vallejo and the Imperial Valley PSCDC team will be offering services that support and empower Pueblo Viejo Villas residents to achieve economic and social stability. PSCDC will offer on-site services such as after-school tutoring and mentoring, financial education with an emphasis on budgeting and financial planning, health and wellness clinics, job readiness and counseling, computer literacy, ESL and citizenship classes, food distributions and more. Services will be offered in agreement with partnerships from local and social organizations which will augment and enhance our scope of services provided.

PSCDC would like to congratulate and extend our heartfelt appreciation to Chelsea investment Corporation and to all the organizations, local and state, that have worked together to bring pueblo Viejo Villas into existence. You have laid the cornerstone of efficient, affordable housing and infrastructure in the City of Coachella.


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