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New Stylus & Siena Apartments Adds 300+ Affordable Housing Units in San Diego's Mission Valley

On Tuesday, March 30th, PSCDC attended the online grand opening for the newly constructed Stylus & Siena Apartments located at the heart of Mission Valley. The Stylus & Siena Apartments was an ambitious project to bring elegant, affordable housing to hard-working San Diegans and has become the newest testament of the City of San Diego's commitment to answering the growing need for more affordable housing.

Fiona Ma, California's State Treasurer, was in attendance during the grand opening and praised the coordinated efforts of all the local, state, and federal partners who contributed to the project's success. "These deals are very, very complicated," she states. "To finally get to that point where you are doing the ribbon cutting and seeing those folks move in is a great day."

Built within the growing Civita community in Mission Valley, the apartments provide 306 affordable housing units while serving multiple roles within a new community. About 200 housing units, including 99 3-bed units, were developed with families in mind, with the remaining number of housing units reserved to accommodate seniors and their needs. The 80,000 square-foot development includes retail stores, restaurants, gourmet grocery stores, an water reclamation plant, a community gym, and many more amenities. Currently, around 628 San Diegans have moved in and call Stylus & Siena Apartments their home.

"Civita was envisioned to be a complete community. To serve residents of all ages and economic levels," said president and CEO of Sudberry Properties Colton Sudberry, who has helped spearhead the development since its inception. "Truly, we wanted to have the affordable units be in a mixed-use, walkable setting."

The community impact that Stylus & Siena Apartments has goes beyond providing much-needed housing and amenities. The apartments, built near Mission Valley's trolley stop and bus routes, give working low-income residents access to reliable transportation. Public transportation reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helps the city meet its climate action plan goals, and alleviates Mission Valley's traffic congestion. The introduction of another affordable housing project in the community also creates healthy price competition in the housing market and lowers the market pressure on existing affordable units.

"The housing crisis a struggle that we must face head-on," said Raul Campillo, District 7's newly appointed council member and advocate for affordable housing in San Diego. "It's no overstatement at all to say that the Stylus & Siena Apartments are exactly the type of housing that we want to see more of in our community."

PSCDC is proud to serve as the community's non-profit managing general partner and community services provider for the new residents. A wide array of essential services will be provided on-site, such as food distributions, financial literacy workshops, job readiness, health and wellness workshops, and computer classes. We will meet and listen to the needs of our new residents to help them succeed.

The Stylus & Siena Apartments are made possible by organizations and companies working together to address an escalating need for affordable housing. Despite unprecedented setbacks to construction, the project was able to be completed on time and within budget. Congratulations to the Grand and Sudberry families, Sudberry Properties, Chelsea Investment Corporation, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, San Diego Housing Commission, Citi Community Capital, Emmerson Construction, Raymond James, the City of San Diego, and all other construction and financial partners that worked for years to see this project come to fruition!


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