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April Food Distribution Recap in Imperial Valley and Coachella

Last month, PSCDC Resident Services Coordinators in Imperial Valley and Coachella continued working hard to secure food supplies for their residents. Our Imperial Valley and Coachella residents have shown immense support at our distributions by their sheer volume in attendance. Volunteers play an essential role in the speed and effectiveness of the distribution. In April, the National Guard lent us a hand and participated in our food distribution for the first time! Their assistance allowed our coordinators to conduct the distributions in a fast and safe manner. As always, our food bank partners such as IV Food Bank, FIND Food Bank in Coachella, and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) continues to supply our distributions and residents.

Although April was the lowest recorded monthly attendance in both Imperial Valley and Coachella in 2021 so far, we still assisted over 1,000 households and over 3,000 residents with boxes of food. The breakdown for our April food distributions across our Imperial Valley and Coachella properties is as follows:

  • De Anza/El Quintero: 91 households, 146 people

  • Villa de las Flores Apartments: 59 households, 102 people

  • Villa Dorada Apartments: 183 households, 656 people

  • Countryside Family Apartments: 113 households, 398 people

  • Holtville Gardens Apartments: 80 households, 163 people

  • Brawley Senior Apartments: 67 households, 102 people

  • Brawley Family Apartments: 91 households, 367 people

  • Imperial Gardens Apartments: 141 households, 395 people

  • Westmorland Family Apartments: 102 households, 387 people

  • Cesar Chavez Villas / TEFAP: 93 households, 370 people

  • Food Pantry: 93 households, 370 people

Total: 1,020 households, 3,086 people

With June quickly approaching, we are gearing up to phase in more resident services in all of our properties beginning in June. After a year of not providing services besides resources and food distributions, we are looking forward to providing other services such as computer and ESL tutoring and health and wellness workshops. We are excited to open up our community rooms once again!


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