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Ready, Set, Grow! With Point Loma Credit Union

The season for horse racing is officially here at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego and our partners at Point Loma Credit Union continued their tradition of bringing value to the community of San Diego by sponsoring a race during the opening week of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Point Loma Credit Union (PLCU) focuses on servicing individuals, families, and local businesses to allow their members to continue to do what they love doing. Based in San Diego for over 70 years, their mission is to help members make the most out of their finances and their lives by empowering their members, reducing fees and improving rates, and giving members national and international access to their ATMs and branch locations.

PLCU has been an important partner for PSCDC and our residents. For almost four years now, PLCU has offered essential financial literacy workshops at strategic locations in San Diego for our residents. During the workshops, residents learn the importance of preventing identity theft, budgeting, saving, and using credit unions to their advantage. These workshops provide families and individuals the foundations of becoming financially independent, a goal that PSCDC has always strived for. Our shared goals of improving financial situations for San Diego families proved to be a great success as their workshops continuously brings interested residents.

Whether it’s providing a safe financial future for your family to enjoying yourself at the Del Mar Racetracks, Point Loma Credit Union will be happy to help you.

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