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September Food Distributions in Imperial

Our residents and communities in Imperial County have always been a huge production source of our food distributions and the popularity of our distributions have yet to slow down! Local food banks in Imperial have been doing an outstanding job at continuously providing our Resident Services Coordinators with food supplies to distribute every month. During the month of September, 12 PSCDC properties received their monthly food distributions with over 1,000 families and 3,000 individuals receiving food supplies. IV Food Bank, FIND Food Bank in Coachella, and USDA's The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) provided the food supplies for this month's distributions.

You can find the numbers of each of our food distributions that occurred in September down below:

Villa de las Flores - 60 families, 99 individuals

Villa Dorada - 227 families, 857 individuals

Countryside Family - 123 families, 445 individuals

Holtville Gardens - 85 families, 158 individuals

Brawley Senior - 59 families, 80 individuals

Brawley Family - 97 families, 347 individuals

Imperial Gardens - 111 families, 283 individuals

Westmorland Family - 102 families, 422 individuals

Cesar Chavez - 92 families, 358 individuals

Food Pantry - 92 families, 358 individuals

In an effort to protect seniors from gathering, distributions at our senior properties at De Anza and El Quintero have been temporarily stopped. IV Food Bank however, provided 148 boxes of emergency food and fresh produce for the seniors. 56 boxes were delegated for El Quintero residents with about 100 residents benefiting by the donations with the remaining 92 boxes going to about 160 De Anza residents.

In cooperation with our partners from US Census Bureau, we invited Census counters to come and attend our distributions. Their attendance helped our residents register their household for the census quickly without having to be visited at their homes. PSCDC has been working closely with the US Census team to help provide accurate numbers in Imperial's hard-to-count communities.

Along with our food distributions, there are many other local Imperial organizations that support their communities with food distributions. IV Faith Assembly, is a church organization that provide families and individuals in need with food supplies and furniture. They regularly update their Facebook (@faithassembly) and Instagram (@ivfaithassembly) with information on their next food distributions. The Imperial County catholic Charity is another church organization that offers their own Emergency Food Distribution Network to distribute food to those in need. You can click here to request food assistance from the Catholic Charity.

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