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Villa De Las Flores - Spring-Themed Craft Projects

The popular arts & crafts class at Villa De Las Flores in Imperial County has residents flexing their creative muscles with monthly art projects. PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator Layla Perez leads the program through the idea of making beautiful creations achievable with everyday items. Each project focuses on a topic or season. The April and May projects were floral-themed.

One project was a flower basket that looked like an ice cream cone for residents to hang on their front doors. The residents especially enjoyed themselves with this project since they chose their preferred "flavors" of "ice cream" and designed really amazing flower baskets and wreaths. Residents hung their finished flower baskets on their front doors to proudly display their creativity and work.

The Villa De Las Flores arts & crafts class also participated in a project that involved painting pistachio shells and mounting them on canvas frames with different designs. The project took quite a while to finish and was a little unique for the residents, as they had to eat the pistachios to make use of the shells! The residents loved the project and designed their canvases to hang in their bathrooms afterward.

Just before the arts & crafts class, Layla has also started a walking group for residents to work out physically while getting their creative juices flowing! With the arts & crafts class becoming a highly anticipated service within the Villa De Las Flores community, Layla is excited to find new ideas and inspirations to share this summer.


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