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Villa de las Flores Residents Prepare for Valentine's Day with Craft Projects

Villa de las Flores residents in Imperial Valley are preparing for Valentine's Day, or in Spanish, El Dia del Amor y La Amistad, with crafting projects led by their PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Layla Perez. With two projects already in the works, residents are busy flexing their creativity with heart-themed projects.

One project, discovered by Luz Vallejo, is a heart made of painted buttons and mounted on canvas with a bow to decorate the residents' walls. The second project is a hanging ceiling decoration of hearts, valentine-colored cardstock, embroidered hoops, and plastic strings taken from Pinterest.

Regulars to the crafts class were excited for its return after a short stoppage due to the rising COVID cases in the country, reports Layla. Previous projects had residents make winter ornaments, buzzing plant pot beehives, and other fun DIY crafts.

"I love the art class because it helps me pass the time and gives me something to look forward to doing," says Ramona Ruiz, a member of Villa de las Flores' crafts class.

Antonia Durazo, a Villa de las Flores resident whose hobby is crafting, also finds the class helpful. "The crafts class is the best because I love doing new things and having something to do each week," she states. "Crafts at the PSCDC crafts class helps me mentally, physically, and intellectually. Crafts are my hobby, so I enjoy the class to the fullest."

So far, residents from the crafts class have thoroughly enjoyed the seasonal project ideas that Layla, Layla's sister, and Luz have provided for them and will continue to attend in the future.

Besides exercising their minds, crafts class members also want to stay active physically. Along with craft classes, Layla and her residents hope to include aerobic sessions and nutrition workshops as a part of the community's regular activities in the future.


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