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Take Advantage of No-Cost Training from Energy Experts

Did you know that SDG&E provides webinars for business owners and trade professionals, so you can learn new skills at your own pace? And most are at no cost. You or your employees can learn about the latest in green building practices, technology and energy-saving solutions from industry experts. Some of May's topics include:


  • 5/12: Advanced farming techniques for energy and resource efficiency

  • 5/13: Indoor agricultural lighting fundamental

  • HVAC: variable frequency drives (various dates in May)

Multifamily Electrification:

  • 5/10: Space conditioning deep dive and emergency technologies

  • 5/17: Water heating deep dive and emerging technologies

  • Case studies of retrofit projects

5/10: Title 24: residential standards – envelope and solar systems

5/24: Solar PV: technology and valuation

5/31: Carbon-free homes – features, benefits and valuation

Lighting fundamentals:

  • 5/17: Part 1: terminology, vision and color

  • 5/18: Part 2: light sources, luminaires and controls

  • 5/19: Part 3: design process, light measurement, codes and standards

Certifications and continuing education units are available for many of the classes. Check out the class listing at


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