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Summertime Learning at Lakeside Apartments

Learning did not go on summer break at Lakeside Apartments in San Leandro, California as the community's PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Haydee Pelayo Nuño, led a summer science camp for school-aged residents. With a strong emphasis on keeping learning fun all year long, Haydee has prepared extra-curricular activities that range from arts and crafts to science and literature to keep the summer fun!

Residents who attended this year's Summer Science Camp brought home hand-made lava lamps using supplies provided by Haydee and PSCDC. Students were blown away with how much they could recreate a lava lamp's properties using chemistry. This small project was both physical and educational, as students learned, measured, poured, and stirred ingredients. In the end, each participating student brough home their own unique lava lamps along with some knowledge to show off to their families.

To celebrate July 4th, Haydee planned a patriotic-themed arts and craft project that had residents make their own U.S. flag. Attending residents also enjoyed a community potluck with snacks and drinks, which was made possible through the efforts of Xfinity Communities and community parents. Pizza was provided by Haydee and Cake 4 Kids, another incredible community partner, delivered homemade cupcakes. It was an extremely fun celebration that had an attendance of around 30 residents, including parents and children. A big thank you goes to the wonderful mothers who volunteered to help Haydee clean the classroom after the potluck!

Haydee's next steps include a Summer Reading and Writing program for her residents. She hopes to reinforce reading over the summer to keep young residents immersed in books and stories, as well as building their writing skills with personal journals. By the time summer is over this year, Lakeside Apartment students will be well-prepared to tackle the upcoming Fall semester!


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