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Summer Program and Summer Food Distributions at Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County

Over the summer, Martha Venegas, our Director of Services for Orange County, was busy hosting heavily attended programs for children and adults at Chatham Village Apartments. Children spent the summer having fun in the community's Summer Program that featured lots of hands-on activities that kept them active and thinking. Adults took part in receiving additional food security through the community's weekly food distributions, which were made possible through local community partners. Overall, the summer kept Martha and her volunteers busy providing impactful services to Chatham Village residents!

As part of a long-time tradition in the Chatham Village community for many years, many young residents were eager to participate in this year's Summer Program. The program provided residents with an outlet to unleash their boredom during their summer break with creative crafting projects and outdoor fun with friends and neighbors. To keep cool during this year's sweltering summer heat, Martha hosted a pool party that included snacks, drinks, and a blast of fun for residents. Pizza day was another popular highlight amongst residents, which was a pizza party hosted by Martha that brought various families together to talk, share, and bond over some delicious pizza!

Martha and her community volunteers dedicate every Tuesday of the month towards food distribution services that focuses on giving residents in need of extra food assistance canned groceries along with fresh produce and beverages. Residents participating in the community's Park in Market Program receive an extra food box every week on Fridays. The Chatham Village community receives their food supplies and boxes from our generous friends at Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, Tustin Park and Recreations, Trader Joes, and Target. Partners not only help in supplying fresh produce and canned goods, but also with the transportation and volunteering that makes the distributions quick and easy. In July, attendance at food distributions remain very high, indicating the dire need of getting Orange County families enough food to put on their table. Martha, her volunteers, and our partners provided seven total food distribution events that totaled 16 hours and assisted 159 households and 312 residents in July!

In July alone, Martha and her volunteers hosted a total of 44 classes and activities which totaled to 176 program hours and an attendance of 584 residents! PSCDC and Martha deeply appreciate the dedication that our volunteers have done for the Chatham Village community, as Lorena and Rogelia Suarez, Ana Ramirez, and Angie Zelaya have volunteered for a total of 118 hours! The success and popularity of PSCDC hosted programs within the community can be attributed to their overwhelming support towards their neighbors and community. Thank you!


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