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San Diego's January Food Distribution Summary

Last month has been busy for all our Resident Services Coordinators in San Diego County. The coordinators have stayed in close contact through phone calls and emails with our residents. We have been listening closely to each resident's needs and concerns! In January, our San Diego communities received extra food support, and seniors received assistance in setting up appointments for their vaccinations.

A total of seven PSCDC communities in San Diego hosted a monthly food bank for residents:

Fairbanks Square:

Jan. 4, Farmer's Market - 61 residents assisted

Jan. 18, Bread Distribution - 25 residents assisted

Resident Services Coordinator Fatema Neromand provided residents with COVID-19 vaccination information and helped about 16 residents make their appointments online. Panera Bread provided bread for the bread distribution along with 15 $25 gift cards for our residents. San Diego PACE and Door Dash assisted with food box deliveries.

Rancho Del Norte:

Jan. 7, Farmer's Market - 55 residents assisted

Fatema addressed the growing need for food supplies by connecting with Backyard Produce that provided our residents with food and gift cards from Target and Sprouts. Additionally, Fatema helped a mother purchase bikes for her children to get to school. 4 Community Care (4CC) helped with the purchase of the bikes with helmets and bike locks! 4 Community Care also provided $500 to go towards the resident's rent! Panera Bread also provided residents with bread, pastries, fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and citrus for the site's monthly food distribution.

Versa at Civita:

Jan. 4, Bread Distribution - 20 residents assisted

Jan. 11, Bread Distribution - 21 residents assisted

Jan. 19, Farmer's Market - 44 residents assisted

Jan. 25, Bread Distribution - 15 residents assisted

Resident Services Coordinator Jelena Predojevic has stayed active in providing information to her residents about free courses they can attend, our Balboa Park free passes program, upcoming checks and vaccines, virtual workshops, and vaccine options. Panera Bread provided bread and pastries for Versa's bread distributions, and Feeding San Diego provided the food supplies distributed during the monthly Farmer's Market.

Villa Serena:

Jan. 21, Farmer's Market - 52 residents assisted

Fairbanks Ridge:

Jan. 21, Farmer's Market - 58 residents assisted

Torrey Highlands:

Jan. 25, Farmer's Market - 31 residents assisted

Resident services Coordinator Cindy Post, in collaboration with 4CC, received donations from 4CC, Von's, O'Brien's Bakery (bread), and Backyard Pickers (citrus & veggies).

Westminster Manor:

Jan. 1, Serving Senior Food Box Distribution - 127 resident assisted

Jan. 27, Farmer's Market - 117 residents assisted

As our largest senior property in San Diego, Resident Service Coordinators Alexis Jaimes and Paul Gonzales ensure that residents receive enough food supplies. Our friends at Serving Seniors also provided the pantry boxes filled with entrees, snacks, and beverages to households at the start of the year. The San Diego Food Bank provided the 117 30-pound boxes of food packed with non-perishable food like rice, beans, canned meats, soups, vegetables, and more. Alexis and Paul were able to get 35 residents vaccinated and have scheduled appointments for many more. For their arrangements, Lyft Direct Referral Program assisted in providing transportation for 17 seniors.


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