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Pumpkin Patch Harvest at Lakeside Village Apartments in San Leandro

On Saturday, October 23rd, Lakeside Village Apartments residents picked out their favorite pumpkin from the Lakeside Village Apartments Pumpkin Patch! A safer alternative to Trick-or-treating, Lakeside's PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, Haydee Pelayo Nuño, planned the Pumpkin Patch - Harvest Celebration to allow young residents to still participate in October festivities.

Haydee and her volunteers from her community made 60 candy bags to give out to participating residents. Our friends at Xfinity Communities provided the candy bags filled with Ghirardelli chocolates. Friends from Ghirardelli also stopped by and dropped off chocolate chip bags for families to bake at home with their loved ones. A big thank you goes to Xfinity and Ghirardelli for contributing to the success of the event!

Residents were encouraged to show up at the Pumpkin Patch dressed in their Halloween costumes. We were able to see a lot of unique costumes, and the children had a blast dressing up, receiving a bag full of chocolates, and picking out a free pumpkin to take home and carve! A community bake sale with monetary donations from residents helped fund the pumpkins for the pumpkin patch.

Sara, a young resident from Lakeside Village Apartments, enjoyed the festivities with her community, "The pumpkin patch was fun. We had a good time."

Parents also were glad that Haydee put the Pumpkin Patch event together, as Lakeside Apartments is known to have deep community ties and traditions. "We are very happy to have community events for kids," said a parent that attended the Pumpkin Patch with their child.

In addition, our partners from Cake4Kids baked cupcakes to celebrate one of our residents for their birthday! Happy Birthday, Pablo!

Lakeside Village Apartments still has two more activities coming up as we approach the end of the year! In November, Haydee has Friendsgiving planned, a day where residents make bags with positive words for other residents. During Thanksgiving, residents will receive a bag to share and read with their families. In December, residents will participate in a Candy Cane Holiday, an activity where they will fill out stockings with goodies and a personally decorated candy cane.


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