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PSCDC Team Awarded For 2020 Census Efforts and Surge in Food Distribution Efforts in Imperial Valley

During this time last year, our PSCDC Imperial Valley team was hard at work helping our residents register and count their household for the 2020 Census. To get an accurate count for Imperial County, which is known to be a hard-to-reach population, the team worked closely with the U.S. Census Bureau and local Imperial Valley organizations. The Census Bureau provided informational and marketing material about the Census for our Resident Services Coordinators to distribute to our residents during food distributions. We also invited census enumerators to attend food distributions to give residents an easier way to fill out the Census. Teaming up with other various social outreach organizations helped us connect to and count 352 additional households. At the end of the Census, our Imperial PSCDC team counted 3,855 Imperial households and 11,283 people. In recognition of their exemplary effort in ensuring an accurate count, the U.S. Census Bureau recognized our team as an invaluable member of the 2020 Census Community Partnership and Engagement Program. Accurate results affect federal funding plans that impact many essential needs such as roads, schools, housing, and social services. Their hard work will benefit the community and our residents for years to come.

Last February also saw a surge in our efforts to provide food security for our Imperial Valley residents. Our team, in collaboration with our food partners at IV Food Bank and FIND Food Bank in Coachella, were able to provide food supplies for more households than we did in January. Their extreme generosity allows us to tackle the rising need for food in Imperial County. We served 1,223 households and 4,146 residents in food distributions in February compared to the 1,201 households and 3,784 residents in January.

The breakdown of our February distribution numbers:

• De Anza/El Quintero Senior Apartments: 98 households / 168 residents assisted

• Villas de las Flores Apartments: 63 households / 105 residents assisted

• Villa Dorada Apartments: 211 households / 775 residents assisted

• Countryside Family Apartments: 152 households / 567 residents assisted

• Holtville Gardens Apartments: 81 households / 170 residents assisted

• Brawley Senior Apartments: 72 households / 479 residents assisted

• Brawley Family Apartments: 107 households / 403 residents assisted

• Imperial Gardens Apartments: 143 households / 424 residents assisted

• Westmorland Family Apartments: 136 households / 479 residents assisted

• Cesar Chavez Villas/TEFAP: 80 households / 288 residents assisted

• Food Pantry: 80 households / 288 residents assisted

Our team is looking for ways to expand our services to help as many Imperial Valley residents struggling with food security as possible. To continue providing essential services safely for our communities, our team has begun receiving their first vaccinations through the assistance of the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District in Calexico. During distributions, appropriate safety measures will continue to be in effect, and we will assist residents with setting up appointments for vaccinations. Our highest priority is the health and safety of our staff, residents, and communities.


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