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PSCDC Services Reopening at Emperor Estates in Tulare County

Over the past couple of months, PSCDC properties across California have reopened the community rooms for on-site resident services. Following a safe reopening plan, resident services have returned to normalcy, and residents are excited! Emperor Estates residents in Dinuba, California, have been attending local game nights and movie nights hosted by PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator Michell Flores. With Michell vaccinated with most of her residents, she has cautiously invited the Emperor Estates community to come together and have some fun.

"Here at the Emperor Estates, we opened our doors to the residents on August 2, and it's been going well," says Michell.

Hosting non-essential services at senior properties comes with added risk, but Michell has her residents' well-being as her priority. Our reopening plan reinforces social distancing and encourages mask-wearing, with unvaccinated residents still required to wear masks. As a senior property, residents don't typically travel outside, with Michell providing residents with the supplies they need.

"Everyone keeps their distance, and I have some extra masks available for anyone who wants or needs one for themselves," Michell states, "I also sanitize after every workshop."

Despite the additional COVID-19 prevention protocol in place, everyone at Emperor Estates seems to be coping and adhering to the rules in place. At the start of Emperor Estates' reopening, only a few residents were allowed to participate, but opportunities to have fun and socialize gained traction among residents.

"I started with a few residents, and now they are slowly coming out to join us," Michell added, "I started some activities like Bingo, Puzzles and Games Night, and Movie and Popcorn Day, which they all enjoy."

Along with hosting fun services, Michell provides her senior residents with companionship and a listening ear. During this strenuous time, she checks in with residents regarding their mental and physical well-being. You can always find her talking and interacting with residents, even outside on-site events.

Across other properties, many residents have shown interest in community events such as Game Nights, soccer, painting classes, and more to get out and socialize. We are continuing to monitor the health of our communities to keep on-site services open and COVID-free. In the meantime, we are not rushing to reopen all pre-COVID non-essential services and cautiously carry out our reopening procedures when reopening community events.


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