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PSCDC Imperial's Response to Growing Need for Food Security During Pandemic

Across the nation, the number of households facing food insecurity has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study conducted in June of last year by Northwestern University, food insecurity more than doubled due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and has affected as many as 23% of households from late April to mid-March last year. In California, however, there is some good news. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that the number of very low food security households amongst low income households with children has decreased due to existing systems that enroll eligible families in state and federal assistance programs. In addition to the government aid, our PSCDC teams and our local food bank partners are working hard to supply food to Californian households experiencing food shortages.

Imperial County has always been one of our biggest regions to serve, with our food distributions receiving massive attendance every month. In January, we hosted ten on-site distributions that assisted 1,201 households and 3,784 residents in Imperial County. Necessary safety precautions such as mandatory mask-wearing, pre-packaged food bags, and batching households to prevent overcrowding help keep residents and staff safe.

The breakdown of our numbers:

De Anza/El Quintero Senior Apartments: 81 Households / 135 Residents

Villa de las Flores Apartments: 67 Households / 109 Residents

Villa Dorada Apartments: 240 Households / 900 Residents

Countryside Family Apartments: 150 Households / 529 Residents

Holtville Gardens Apartments: 87 Households / 171 Residents

Brawley Senior Apartments: 61 Households / 103 Residents

Brawley Family Apartments: 108 Households / 401 Residents

Imperial Gardens Apartments: 135 Households / 404 Residents

Westmorland Family Apartments: 114 Households / 285 Residents

Cesar Chavez Villas: 79 Households / 285 Residents

TEFAP/Food Pantry Additional Distribution: 79 Households / 285 Residents


Our distributions every month provide reliable food security for Imperial families who need it the most. Our efforts would not be possible without our food bank partners at IV Food Bank and FIND Food Bank in Coachella providing us with enough supplies every month.

PSCDC is committed to answering the growing need for food assistance in all our communities throughout California and working with local partners to make a sustainable and lasting impact in the fight against hunger.


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