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May and June Food Distribution Recap in Imperial Valley and Coachella

After a year full of financial hardships for many residents in California, June 15th marked the return to normalcy for many of us. For PSCDC, this marks the start of returning on-site services and assistance to our communities. Similarly, residents and communities can go back to work, reopen businesses, and retain a stable income once again. In June, we recorded the lowest number of participants in our food distributions in the Imperial Valley and Coachella region since the start of COVID-regulated quarantine. A decrease in food distribution attendance is a great sign for us, as it shows that our residents can secure enough food for their households without our help.

May's food distributions on the 12th, 25th, and 26th distributed enough food supplies for 1,016 households and 3,136 residents. June's food distributions happened on the 9th, 22nd, and 23rd. Despite the scorching heatwaves around the region the entire month of June, our PSCDC staff was able to offer 11 communities additional food supplies for a total of 945 households and 2,873 residents. Despite the decrease in participation over the past month, PSCDC will always continue to host food distributions and provide extra food for our residents who need them. Without the assistance of our local food providers at IV Food Bank, FIND Food Bank in Coachella, and the Emergency Assistance Program (TEFAP), our food distributions would not be able to support the number of residents we're helping now. The breakdown of our food distributions over the past two months:

PSCDC is now in the final stages of reopening our usual on-site services meant to empower our residents. Reopening services include our popular after-school and summer school programs, access to computer labs, ESL tutoring, assistance with job employment, applications, and referrals, health and wellness workshops, and even small community events hosted outdoors! For a short time, PSCDC will continue to enforce the same level of diligence in mask-wearing and social distancing as before, as we always prioritize the health and safety of our communities and residents. We're excited to assist our residents and support them in person as we all return to the new normal!

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