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May and June Activities in Orange County's Chatham Village Apartments

Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County held its first community event in over a year in the month of May. Along with its popular weekly Park-in Market food distribution program, Chatham Village mothers were treated to a very special Mother's Day brunch. As California begins to recover from the pandemic, we are beginning to cautiously phase in more services and events to bring the community together once more.

The Mother's Day brunch celebration was unsurprisingly a highly anticipated event. The event had 20 mothers of all ages enjoying their special day together by playing lotería, a traditional Mexican card game similar to bingo. Brunch, provided by Chatham Village Apartments management, was an assortment of coffee, juice, yogurt, pastries, cookies, handmade cake, fruits, and much more! Towards the end, a raffle was held to raffle off centerpieces, gift cards, drinking glasses, makeup kits, and hand cream sets. Thank you to Chatham Village management for providing the gift cards and to the daughters of our PSCDC Director of Services, Martha Venegas, for including the highly sought-after makeup kits and hand cream sets!

The month of May also held five food distribution events for the community of Chatham Village. The weekly Park-in Market program focuses on assisting the elderly, disabled, and residents who are physically unable to attend the monthly food distribution. With those in need of assistance prioritized, other families and households are also taken into consideration. The usual monthly food distribution is also held on the third Tuesday of the month for anyone in the community to receive a box of food. Here is May's food distribution breakdown:

Friday, May 7th -52 households

Friday, May 14th - 55 households

Tuesday, May 18th - 60 households

Friday, May 21st - 57 households

Friday, May 28th - 57 households

Total Attendance: 281 households

Chatham Village Apartments' June calendar for the Park-in Market and monthly food distribution is as follows:

Park-in Market Program: June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th

Monthly Food Distribution: June 15th

Martha is also planning a Father's Day Arts & Crafts Celebration for all the fathers in the community on June 17th, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Fathers are encouraged to bring their sons and daughters to enjoy some time crafting together! As a safety precaution, we are still requiring all participating residents to practice mask-wearing and social distancing as much as possible during community events. Martha is also encouraging and helping Chatham Village residents with scheduling vaccination appointments! For all our California properties, we can't wait to bring everyone together again and celebrate the start of summer!


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