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July's Reopening of Services in San Diego Properties

While we closely monitor the COVID situation in various parts of California, many of our San Diego properties are already in the process of reopening onsite services beyond food distributions. At this time, we will be enforcing strict requirements to our programs to ensure the health and safety of our communities. Added safety precautions to our services include mandatory mask-wearing while indoors, conducting a general health assessment for each resident, and taking residents' temperatures before entering community rooms. Just like our residents, we're happy to have things beginning to return to normalcy! Fatema Neromand, Paul Gonzales, and the rest of our PSCDC San Diego team are working closely with property management to establish reopening plans that focus on our residents' needs. Here's how a few of our San Diego properties are adjusting to our reopening efforts:

Fairbanks Square + Fairbanks Terrace - Fatema Neromand reopened the community rooms and services on July 1st for both properties. To announce onsite services returning, she has been distributing service flyers and contacting residents. She's excited to assist residents, especially her senior residents, with applying and uploading information for the Cal-Fresh program and receiving information regarding unemployment relief and rent-help programs in person. Since most of her residents do not speak English or are familiar with technology, Fatema hopes that the return of onsite services will bring more residents to see her for translation assistance and tech support.

Rancho Del Norte - As a family property, the services at Rancho Del Norte revolve around resources and activities for kids. Fatema reached out to our long-time friend and volunteer Juli Veee to come back and teach the kids soccer and painting, with lessons planned to begin on August 3rd. She is also working with property management to supply new computers for the community's computer lab and reopening it as soon as possible.

Trolley Park Terrace - Resident Services Coordinator Paul Gonzales has worked remotely for most of June and July, with a reopening plan still being worked on with property management. He has stayed in contact with residents at Trolley Park Terrace and has provided the most up-to-date information regarding the latest rental and utilities assistance programs and helped guide residents through their application process. He also continues to offer onsite food distributions within the community. Residents attending distributions have expressed their gratitude for the commitment that the PSCDC staff has shown to the community throughout the pandemic.

During July, our Resident Services Coordinators have been continuing to host food distributions. This month also featured an increase in food distributions as properties that had to close their food distribution program from lack of food supplies, such as Seabreeze Farms, begin reopening. A total of 234 households and 475 San Diego residents received food boxes, bread, and bagels from our local San Diego partners at 4CommunityCare, San Diego Food Bank, Panera Bread, Einstein Bagels, and more. Some properties also received care packages filled with $20, a water bottle, detergent, and snacks!

Though COVID situations are constantly changing day-to-day, we will continue to reevaluate our safety procedures and make appropriate changes. As we continue to develop, adapt, and execute our opening plans across all our California properties, we're excited to see the faces of our residents again!


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