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January and February Activities at Chatham Village Apartments

Ensuring residents have enough food supplies and nutrition throughout the month is a keystone service we offer throughout our PSCDC communities. Our food distribution services would not be possible without the support and assistance from local food banks, charities, and organizations. In Orange County, Martha Venegas, our Director of Services in Orange County, has continued to provide much-needed food supplies to Chatham Village Apartment residents in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank, Tustin Family and Youth Center, Meals on Wheels Orange County, and the City of Tustin. The donated food boxes provide households with additional shelf-ready food supplies, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dairy products.

Throughout January, the weekly Park-in Market distributions, a program intended to provide supplemental food supplies throughout the month, focusing on older residents and those with disabilities, are held on Fridays with a considerable number of residents in attendance. On the third Tuesday of January, Martha hosted a larger-scaled, community-wide food distribution for residents who needed the extra food security. Below is the breakdown of attendance in January's food distribution:

  • January 7th: 54 households

  • January 14th: 55 households

  • January 18th: 59 households

  • January 21st: 54 households

  • January 28th: 52 households

Total January Distributions: 4 Park-in Markets, 1 Food Distribution

Households Receiving Assistance: 274 households

So far in February, Martha has hosted two Park-in Markets and her monthly food distribution event. February's food distribution attendance breakdown so far:

  • February 4th: 54 households

  • February 11th: 4 households

  • February 15th: 50 households

Total February Distributions (so far): 2 Park-in Markets, 1 Food Distribution

Households Receiving Assistance (so far): 151 households

Amidst January, extra health precautions prevented the rise in COVID cases within Chatham Village and PSCDC hosted services, with a brief pause in services after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Martha has successfully reopened in-person services and access to the community's computer lab. She even hosted a Valentine's Day event for residents of all ages that included an arts and crafts project and snacks for attendees!


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