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High Tech High Mesa: High Schoolers Donate Essential Supplies to PSCDC San Diego Residents

This week, Pacific Southwest CDC received a wonderful donation for our residents from a group of High Tech High (HTH) Mesa students in San Diego. Their kind generosity provided our residents with extra COVID safety supplies, personal hygiene items, and socks. Residents will be delighted when we surprise them with these extra supplies during our food distributions!

Families, friends, and nearby stores made the donation possible when a group of HTH students collaborated to solicit essential items to give to people in need. Based on our current well-established food distribution network throughout San Diego, PSCDC was selected to help distribute the items to those in need of it. The donations included:

  • COVID safety supplies: facemasks, hand sanitizers, and wipes;

  • Personal hygiene items: soaps, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, razors and deodorants; and

  • Comfortable socks.

PSCDC would like to thank the students and everyone involved with this commendable project, especially Meleah Tallo (shown right), a 10th grader attending the charter school and the coordinator of this project. Her career goal is to work in corporate marketing and communications. With her early involvement in her communities, we are excited to see what impact she and her fellow HTH students can provide in the future! Maleah and her peers demonstrated HTH's innovative education model that promotes student involvement in community service. They truly embody HTH's four core design principles-equity, personalization, authentic work, and collaborative design!


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