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Friendsgiving Brings The Lakeside Community Safely Together During The Holiday Season

Haydee Nuño, our PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator in the Lakeside community in San Leandro, has been planning safe and fun activities during this holiday season to bring some excitement to Lakeside Apartments during the end of this year.

During October, she organized a safe alternative to trick-or-treating by hosting a candy distribution for the young residents. Residents came and attended their scheduled time for the candy distribution while showing off their wonderful costumes. They appreciated the experience to dress up in their costumes and receive sweets while parents and older residents appreciated the sentiment of bringing back community-wide events in a safe manner. Haydee, who has been a part of the Lakeside community for 12 years now, has made it a point to continue yearly tradition, such as coming together to celebrate the holidays.

"Every year this community has come together to celebrate the holidays and annual events," says Haydee. "Being able to continue with our traditions in this community is very dear to me."

During November, Haydee brought a new meaning to Thanksgiving this year at Lakeside. Due to COVID-19, the community was unable to come together for a potluck party as they have done annually in the past, but that didn't stop Haydee. To spread the feeling of gratitude this year, Haydee along with the help of her volunteers, worked to provide 35 Friendsgiving bags for residents that included some snacks, turkey plat crafts for the whole family to enjoy, and flyers for the next planned event. Our local partners in Xfinity Communities provided our residents the snacks and chips that were distributed in the Friendsgiving bags.

The event was successful thanks to all the residents and parents adhering to the social distancing precautions. Residents that attended the Friendsgiving Bag distribution wore their face masks and kept 6 feet apart.

Thank you to Xfinity Communities and Lakeside Apartments (AMC) for helping make Friendsgiving possible this year. Thank you also to Haydee's volunteers, Kayla and Kendra, for helping her set-up and distribute the Friendsgiving bags! With their help, the Lakeside community learned the significance of coming together as a community during these difficult times.


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