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Father's Day and June Food Distributions at Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County

In June, Martha Venegas, our PSCDC Regional Director for Orange County, has been preparing to relaunch suspended services at Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County. Under our new COVID-19 prevention protocols, Martha and the Chatham Village community are excited to have community services return. As a proactive community, services at Chatham Village Apartments in June were successful. Food distributions, a very popular and core PSCDC hosted service, remain heavily attended by residents. Martha also treated the fathers within the community to a special Father's Day brunch to enjoy with their families!

The Park-in Market program, a food distribution hosted every Friday for residents specifically tailored for those in need of extra food security, held four distributions throughout June. An average of about 54 households attended June's Park-in Market distribution to get the support and food supplies they need to continue putting enough food on the table. This month, the program provided 215 total food boxes filled with canned foods, vegetables, soups, and drinks. Along with the Park-in Market program, Martha also hosts another monthly community-wide food distribution. Sixty households attended June's monthly food distribution. A big thank you goes to our local partners at Meals on Wheels Orange County, Orange County Food Bank, Tustin Family Youth Center, and the City of Tustin for providing the food boxes! The detailed breakdown of our food distribution attendance is as follows:

  • June 4th (Park-in Market): 55 households

  • June 11th (Park-in Market): 50 households

  • June 15th: 60 households

  • June 18th (Park-in Market): 55 households

  • June 25th (Park-in Market): 55 households

  • Total: 5 distributions and 275 food boxes delivered

In honor of Father's Day, Martha hosted a lovely brunch for all the fathers in the community to celebrate their special day with their families. Residents created Father's Day cards while enjoying drinks and snacks provided by Chatham Village management. Management also had gift cards to raffle off to participating residents! A total of 15 residents were able to come together and enjoy the special occasion.

As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situations throughout California and in our communities, we are continuously updating and adjusting our safety protocols regarding how we conduct our services. Our priority is always the health and safety of our residents and staff. For the time being, we will be enforcing the same safety precautions that were in place before California's reopening until conditions significantly improve. We are, however, still optimistic about restoring the vast range of services we offered before the COVID-19 shutdown and are looking for ways to bring communities together again in a safe manner. Martha is looking to restart Chatham Village's kids' club program in September!


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