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Emperor Estates Residents Attend Blood Pressure Event Hosted by Valley Health Team

DINUBA, CA - Health resources, information, and services have been a frequent request for many senior residents residing in the Emperor Estates community. To respond to the growing demand for more health and wellness resources, Emperor Estate's PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator Michell Flores recently reached out to the Valley Health Team to visit residents and offer informational presentations and free health screenings. "The senior residents have lots of questions regarding health problems," revealed Michell when asked about the importance of forming new partnerships with local health care agencies.

Michell and the Valley Health Team collaborated to organize the partnership's first health presentation in the Emperor Estates community on March 17. Joaquin Gonzalez, a representative from Valley Health Team, visited the community to discuss the topic of blood pressure, a topic heavily requested by the residents. Despite being the first introduction to the Valley Health Team, many Emperor Estates residents arrived to attend the presentation. Attendees were also treated to cookies, bagels, mini sandwiches, water, and other snacks.

During the presentation, Joaquin answered many of the questions that residents had. Popular discussion topics included the appropriate diet to maintain and senior-friendly exercises to implement into daily routines to help manage and keep blood pressure low. After the presentation, Emperor Estates residents were also given the opportunity for free screenings for blood pressure, glucose, and COVID-19. Residents really appreciated having the screenings done on-site.

Plans for another health presentation led by Valley Health Team is already underway. The topic for the next presentation will cover diabetes, another popular health topic among the Emperor Estates community. Michell hopes that health and wellness presentations with Valley Health Team become a regularly provided service for the Emperor Estates community alongside her other services like computer classes and Bingo game days on Mondays, personalized one-on-one resident companionship and puzzle/board game days on Tuesdays, and community building activity days on Wednesdays.

Thank you to the Valley Health Team for meeting our residents and providing them with the information, resources, and services they have been requesting for!


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