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Christmas Stockings Filled With Goodies for Lakeside Residents

The Lakeside Apartments community in San Leandro really had an abundance of holiday cheer throughout last year's fall and winter season. Our Lakeside residents greatly appreciate what Haydee Pelayo Nuño, Lakeside's PSCDC Resident Services Coordinator, does for them on a daily basis. Within the last three months of 2020, Haydee planned monthly events that the community was excited to participate in. In October, young residents were invited to a safer alternative to trick-or-treating with a candy distribution where they were able to show off their costumes and still get treats. In November, Haydee's Friendsgiving bag distribution brought families together with bags filled with snacks and turkey plate crafts for the whole family to enjoy. In December, along with their own Toys for Tots toy distribution, residents also were treated to stockings stuffed with goodies!

Despite community gatherings still prohibited in the month of December, Haydee wanted to uphold the community's yearly tradition of celebrating Christmas together.

"Last year's Christmas was a little different," says Haydee. "How could I make Christmas special last year and keep the residents safe? Goodie bags for Friendsgiving were a success, so why not Christmas stockings?"

With the popularity of the previous distributions, she decided that a Christmas stocking distribution would be the way to go. She again partnered with Jenny Quintero, an Xfinity Community Representative, to gather all the goodies that were to be placed within the stockings. The stockings were stuffed with chips, chocolates, candy canes, and stickers!

During the distribution, residents were respectful and followed precautions by wearing their masks, keeping six feet distance, and using hand sanitizer. Without the Lakeside residents' cooperation in following proper health and safety precautions, the distributions would not have been possible. We are committed to providing the resources and supplies necessary for the wellbeing of our residents, with our residents' health as our biggest priority. This year, we are hoping to slowly bring back our previous services when it is safe to do so.

Thank you, Haydee for showing your excellent commitment to the Lakeside community and residents. Your outstanding efforts helped make the last few months of 2020 an exciting time for your community while upholding its long-lasting traditions!


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