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Chatham Village Residents Stay Healthy with Flu Shots and COVID Testing

Our Chatham Village residents in Orange County are dedicated to staying as healthy as they can be towards the end of this year. Martha Venegas, PSCDC's Director of Services for Orange County, has been working closely with residents to provide them with resources and services that they need. For most of this year, she has been coordinating with local Orange County agencies to provide additional food with an emphasis towards seniors. Besides food security, health and wellness was also a priority for the Orange county residents and Martha, especially as we transition into flu season. To make sure her residents received the medical attention and services they requested, she organized a mobile health clinic with OC Health Agency and Families Together of Orange County in November! The clinic was offered at Chatham Village Apartments free of charge and open to the community.

During this time, the mobile health clinic was able to provide our residents with flu shots, COVID testing, and home testing kits. Within three hours, 27 residents received their flu shots, 30 residents participated in COVID testing, and 30 residents brought home their own home testing kits. During the clinic, all the necessary health precautions had to be taken between each participant to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This included masks necessary to attend, social distancing while waiting, and temperature checks prior to being serviced. At the end of the event, Martha was also provided with 25 extra home test kits for our residents!

We would like to thank OC Health Agency and Families Together of Orange County for coming to Chatham Village Apartments and helping our residents stay safe and healthy during this time. Their time and services are greatly appreciated by PSCDC and our residents. We would also extend our thanks to all of our Orange County partners for providing our residents with food supplies, love, and hope. Moving forward into the new year, we hope that we are able to continue to provide our residents with the means to protect their health through the cooperation with all of our health care partners.

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