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Chatham Village Apartments Receive New School Supplies Along with Food Supplies

During the month of August and September, Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County were able to receive something extra along with their monthly food supplies. On Friday, September 11th, the PSCDC staff at Chatham Village Apartments collaborated with the Boys & Girls Club and Tustin Family Resource Center to distribute school supplies to 25 children. Their new school supplies have Melanie Ramires (12) and Rogelio Suarez (13) excited for the start of their new school year!

In the month of August, Chatham Village residents continued to receive food support from local Orange County organizations. The newly established 'Park in Market' program that launched mid-August delivered 210 bags to 275 families. The 'Park in Market' program is a collaborative food distribution effort between PSCDC and Meals on Wheels Orange County and is held every Friday of the month at 1 PM. The program primarily focuses on ensuring senior residents receive their portion of food supplies without having to attend our monthly food distributions. 'Park in Market' is a great extension to PSCDC's essential food distribution services and is garnering popularity amongst the residents.

On August 18th, the usual monthly food distributions hosted by PSCDC and Second Harvest Food Bank were able to supply an additional 65 bags of food to distribute amongst the residents. The monthly food distributions happen once a month on the third Tuesday of the month at 1 PM. Strict social distancing and safety regulations are implemented during the distribution, with markers used to indicate safe distancing and face masks being required for everyone involved.

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