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Orange County Distributions Continue as California Starts Opening Again

Despite the growing rise of families and individuals in need of food distributions in Orange County, our PSCDC residents in Chatham Village Apartments have been able to continue receiving food from our incredible local partner, Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County and Tustin Family Youth Center. Throughout May, PSCDC hosted two food distributions for the residents at Chatham Village and helped about 85 families with receiving food supplies for the month as California's economy begins to restart.

In an attempt to alleviate some of the economic hardships caused by COVID-19, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state to move into Stage 2 of his Resilience Roadmap on May 8, 2020. Within Stage 2, some lower risk workplaces can begin to gradually open up at a pace designed to protect public health and safety, according to the roadmap. Businesses that are allowed to open up include Retail, Manufacturing, Offices (when telework is not possible), Outdoor museums, and Limited Personal Services. Time spent outside is still limited, and travel should only be for permissible activities, such as healthcare, food, outdoor exercise, and recreation (individuals and households only).

As more businesses are allowed to reopen throughout California, PSCDC continues to host food distributions in Orange County. The first food distribution on Friday, May 15, featured fresh fruits and pasta for our residents to enjoy. Residents were happy to receive strawberries and bananas to go along with their canned goods, beans, and drinks. PSCDC recorded 35 families showing up to the distribution.

The second food distribution on Friday, May 29, had over 50 residents receiving food supplies. The staple for food drives focuses primarily on canned foods and pasta, foods that have a long shelf-life. Chatham Village residents are grateful for PSCDC's continued food distributions and support, especially during the challenging financial times that many Americans are facing in Orange County, California, and the entire nation.

Food banks, charities, non-profits, and local organizations across the country have stepped up their operations to help Americans receive essential food supplies. PSCDC encourages everyone to support local organizations, organizing a food drive, or sharing posts about fundraising opportunities can ensure food for struggling individuals or families. Please consider supporting the food banks and organizations that have helped our communities in any way you can.

PSCDC continues to stand by our residents across California and to continue to provide resources and contacts to connect our residents with local partners that can help them. We also stand by and assist our partners and other organizations that have helped California communities get through these troubling times. Although California begins to show signs of improvement, PSCDC will continue to prioritize the health and well-being of all our residents, especially our seniors. We will continue food distributions as well as provide other services and referrals over-the-phone or through the internet for our residents for the time being.

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