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PSCDC And FFCC Teaming Up to Provide Supplies for San Diego Families

During California’s stay-at-home order, PSCDC and Friends & Family Community Connection (FFCC) have adapted quickly to respond to the needs of our residents. As one of the top food distributors amongst our San Diego properties, FFCC has been extremely charitable to our residents and has become an essential food resource. During the COVID-19 pandemic, FFCC has provided PSCDC Service Coordinators with enough food to assist our residents who should not go out.

From March 15 to April 6, FFCC has assisted over 1000 local households in need of food and other essentials. FFCC also serves the homeless on the last Monday of each month. To provide even more helpful services to their communities, FFCC volunteers are holding Front Porch Neighborhood Food Drives. Information about the nearest Front Porch Neighborhood Food Drives can be found on the NextDoor App or their website -

To continue to provide food relief to the rising number of households in need, FFCC is asking San Diego families and individuals for generous donations of time, funds, or food. FFCC is looking to restock their food supply with canned or sealed food items, within the expiration date, and unopened. FFCC also needs sanitary items to keep everyone safe during distributions. They are also always searching for free or deeply discounted storage, including cold storage, at commercial addresses in their service region. See the image below for the comprehensive list of resources the FFCC requires to continue food distribution services to San Diego families.

An alternative and simple way to support FFCC is by helping to fund their efforts by donating at their website here. You can direct your donation to the “Local COVID-19 Relief” by designating your donation accordingly and 100% of your tax-deductible donation will go towards their effort.

PSCDC and FFCC have been collaborating for years, and their food distributions have provided immense support for our residents. Especially during this time that requires communities to come together in solidarity, PSCDC will stand in support with the residents of San Diego and FFCC. Any donation you can spare for FFCC would relieve pressure from households who can't afford food during the stay-at-home order.

If you are looking for food assistance, financial assistance, educational material for children, health and wellness information, utility assistance, or updates regarding COVID-19, visit our collection of continuously updating resources for anyone to use here.

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