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Empowering Families Together with Loving Life Foundation

For years, PSCDC has been working in collaboration with the Loving Life Foundation (LLF) to meet the urgent needs of underprivileged families. With LLF's mission to educate and empower underprivileged families so closely linked to PSCDC's, the partnership has grown throughout the years.

Ms. Colleen, and incredible representative from Loving Life Foundation, has been providing events for our San Diego families for a very long time. On June 24th, 2015, Ms. Colleen hosted and provided all the supplies for a Summer Arts & Crafts class at Rancho del Norte with the help of our Resident Coordinator, Fatema Neromand. Young residents participated in art activities that helped them express their imagination and creativity. From painting to creating kites, our young residents were busy throughout the entire day learning and having fun together.

From laundry parties for our senior residents to bike giveaways for our younger residents, LLF has always supported our residents. They continue to remain active amongst our San Diego communities by inviting our residents to their Valentine's Day event. With chocolates, a kid's jumper, special music and guests, date night raffle, and roses for single moms, for free, our residents were excited to be invited.

PSCDC hopes that our partnership with Loving Life Foundation leaves a lasting impact on San Diego communities as we both strive to empower families together.

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