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Spreading Culture, Art, and Science to PSCDC Residents with Balboa Park Cultural Partnership's C

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PSCDC always values giving our residents resources that will leave a positive impact on their futures from financial resources to cultural exploration and celebration. Recently, PSCDC formed a new partnership that would provide our residents with an incredible educational and cultural resource.

Balboa Park, known as a place where culture, science, and nature collide, is home to more than 16 museums, multiple performing art venues, gardens, trails, and creative and recreational attractions in San Diego. The Park is hailed as a cultural mecca in San Diego. Along with its incredible museums, Balboa Park also has active community outreach organizations like the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (BPCP) who work to bring the beauty and appreciation of the sciences and arts to communities in San Diego.

Last December, PSCDC and BPCP's Community Access Pass (CAP) program became partners and started working together to provide our San Diego residents opportunities to visit Balboa Park. The CAP program works with nonprofit partners to distribute free annual passes to individuals and families that may not otherwise have the resources to visit the Balboa Park museums. The Explorer annual passes include general admission to 16 cultural organizations in Balboa Park. With the free passes, recipients can visit the museums as their schedule permits, and enjoy a wide variety of arts and culture experiences, for a full year!

PSCDC San Diego coordinators passing out Explorer passes to residents

The CAP program has graciously distributed passes to families and individuals in Trolley Park Terrace, Estrella Del Mercado, and Versa communities. To date, the CAP program has served 60 households amongst the residential communities, for a total of 102 individuals (families and seniors).

Our residents are excited to receive the free passes to Balboa Park, especially those who have never had an opportunity to go! L. Beckett, a senior resident from Versa Apartments in Civitia, told us how excited she was for the chance to explore the museums in Balboa:

"I love Balboa Park and all it offers and have wanted an Explorer pass for several years, but couldn't afford the $100 fee. The opportunity to access all the wonderful museums in the Park, free, the entire year is a very special and much-valued gift and benefit. I plan to visit at least one museum a week now that I can."

PSCDC truly appreciates the value that the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership's Community Access Pass program brings to our residents' lives and we hope to share more resident stories about their Balboa Park adventures.

The Cultural Partnership works with more than 75 501(c)3 nonprofit partners. For more information on how to become a CAP partner organization, please contact them at and follow their Facebook page here.

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