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Where Do Your Energy Dollars Go?

Did you know residential energy use per person in California is lower than that of any other state except Hawaii? [1] The Chart below gives a general idea what typical household energy costs are per year in the U.S.

Chart showing results of 2015 residential energy consumption survey

You can see your own home's energy use breakdown by category and get a personalized savings action plan at To log in you'll need your SDG&E My Account User ID and password. If you're not a My Account user, you can enroll at Once logged in, select "Ways to Save" in the top right-hand corner. If it's your first visit, you'll be prompted to take a quick survey about your home. Your "Home Energy Analysis" will automatically populate. Here's an example:

Chart that breaks down percentages of annual energy usage

You'll receive energy-saving tips based on the areas you use the most energy, like this:

An example of SDG&E energy-saving tips

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