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Giving Is A Given At The Lakeside Thanksgiving Celebration

The homework club at the San Leandro Lakeside's clubhouse quickly became full on Friday, November the 22nd. It seemed as if the residential complex's dwellers were arriving by the dozens to celebrate the Fall Festival Thanksgiving Potluck.

In addition to the staff members and the volunteers, the residents did not show up empty handed. Dishes from all corners of the world, that ranged from typical Egyptian meals to Brazilian brigadeiro chocolate fudge were prepared and brought by them. Even a full size turkey was kindly donated by the homework club members Doaa and Sara's mom, Ms. Magda.

Of course, this event would not be possible without the generous sponsorship of Costco, a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs that once again offered us a gift card that was used to buy food, beverages and disposable utensils.

At a certain point in the evening, Residents' Services Coordinator Ms. Haydee Pelayo asked the children in the room what they were grateful for. Most of the answers mentioned their families.

When inquired about the event, Ms. Del, Lakeside's Recreational Assistant, declared it was "very nice and community oriented." Indeed, the sense of unity was palpable.

The Lakeside Community in San Leandro, commemorated Thanksgiving by rejoicing friendship. Regardless of where they came from, the Lakeside Community came together to enjoy the Fall Festival Thanksgiving Potluck together as one big happy and thankful family.


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