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Fall Contests Brings Out Creativity From Chatham Village Residents in Orange County

The last week of October was pretty busy and competitive at the Chatham Village Apartments in Orange County. At the end of the month, residents were invited to compete in a pumpkin decorating contest and a costume contest for kids and adults on October 25th!

On the 24th, residents began to decorate their pumpkins and PSCDC staff provided all the materials for residents to unleash their creativity. We had some pretty incredible pumpkin designs and the residents really enjoyed expressing themselves!

The next day was a busy day of judging for our PSCDC staff as the residents presented their pumpkins and costumes. The first event of the day was the pumpkin decoration contest and after careful discussion and considerations, the winners of this year's pumpkin decoration contest in Chatham Village was a pumpkin mobile in first place, a delicious hamburger made of pumpkin in second place, and a pumpkin dressed up as an old man in third place!

Following the pumpkin contest, the costume contests were held next! There were separate contests for children and adults this year to encourage participation. Participants were treated to refreshments and snacks during the event. For the children's costume contest, judges came to an agreement with the Little Mermaid costume winning first place, the butterfly costume taking second place, and the kitten costume coming in third place! For the adults' costume contest, judges selected Coco as the winner in first place, Frida in second, and Belle in third place!

This year, 15 families participated in the competitions and their designs and costumes seriously impressed the PSCDC staff with their creativity! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this year's competitions too! We can't wait to see what you can come up with next year!

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