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Willow Glen Bicycles Get Tune Ups During Annual Bike Doc Event

On Thursday, September 12th, a Bike Doc event was held at Willow Glen Apartments in Sacramento. PSCDC has proudly hosted Bike Doc events for a few years now and has been a fun event for our entire community.

Bike Doc is an annual event sponsored by Jibe. Jibe is a non-profit organization headquartered in North Natomas with the vision to foster transportation behaviors that enhance placemaking through advocacy, programs, education, and services. Formed in 1999, the organization focuses on services and programs that make it easier for residents and employees to leave the car at home. They advocate children walking to school, employees sharing rides on their own commuter shuttles, bike connectivity improvements, and much more. To learn more about them, click here to visit their website!

Excited Willow Glen residents began lining up to have their bikes inspected 30 minutes early before the event started at 4:00 PM. Parents eagerly await this event each year and understand what a valuable service Jibe offers: ensuring children stay active and safe while riding their bikes. During the event, trained bike repair technicians volunteer their time to tune up and repair as many bikes as they can during a 3-hour session.

Each bike was thoroughly inspected, from the tires and chains to handle bars and seat height. Anything the rider or parents have concerns about, the technicians were willing to fix. Many tires and tubes were replaced and a few were popped but all repairs were at no cost to the residents. Graciously, the technicians continued their service a full hour beyond their usual 3-hour mark and worked in the dark to service a total of 37 bikes.

While waiting for their bikes to be fixed up, some kids took the time to write thank you notes to the technicians. The kids were all elated to receive their bikes again and will definitely wear them out again for the next Bike Doc event. Thank you for your commitment and hard work Jibe staff and volunteers! We eagerly await to host you again next year!

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