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Fun-Filled Summer For Young Residents in Imperial Valley

School is out for the summer but for kids in our Imperial Valley properties, the fun from learning doesn’t stop yet! Our Imperial Valley coordinators have worked together to create a nine-week fun-filled Summer Program for Villa Fortuna, Calexico Family, Brawley Family, and Brawley Gardens youth from June 24 through August 15. Each week is dedicated to a different theme such as water, bugs, and planets. Each week also comes with its own themed projects and activities that kids can participate in.

Not only do hands-on science projects keep learning fun for the kids, they also get to bring home the knowledge they learned to share with their families. Our resourceful coordinators were able to come up with affordable projects that can be done using simple materials. Kids can create their own lava lamps, clay impressions, wormery, moon rocks, solar box oven, potato battery, and colored celery.

Our nine-week Summer Program also allows kids to express their creativity and imagination through several art projects. Participants can create straw paintings, cereal box robots, toilet roll monsters, crayon melting arts, and so much more!

To fuel the fun, cooking projects are also added to the Summer Program. With healthy snacks planned, these projects teach kids the importance of eating and being healthy as they prepare fun and delicious snacks. Nutritious snacks such as watermelon ice, apple cookies, candied orange slices, fossil cookies, ants on a log, and peanut butter granola cups have the kids excited and eager to join.

Throughout the activities, the coordinators are using positive affirmations and quotes to help inspire the young participants while creating a safe and positive environment at the same time. By encouraging them with positivity, coordinators hope to develop strong self-confidence among the kids and create sense of community within them.

The Summer Program and the PSCDC staff in Imperial Valley are helping instill the love of learning to the next generation and making a summer our young residents won’t forget.

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