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Two New Chula Vista Complexes

We are excited to announce that Volta Senior Apartments and Duetta Family Apartments are now open! Both these complexes are in the development in Chula Vista called "Millenia".

Duetta is a 87 unit complex for low-income families, and Volta is a 123 unit complex for low-income seniors. Rents range from $759 to $1,263 per month at these properties, and the waitlist is already over 10 years long.

It is our mission to continue to develop affordable housing complexes for the growing need in the regions we serve.


You can get in touch with management at these properties here:

Volta Senior Apartments


1734 Solstice Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91915 Duetta Apartments


1715 Orion Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91915

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